Get Crafty With Crafty Catcher

When fishing heavily fished waters or indeed, where you need to be extra crafty, it pays to experiment and try all sorts of flavour enhancers, colours, different sizes and also different combinations of hook baits

Tip Offs

These colour super buoyant pop ups are perfect for tipping off any hook bait for extra hi-visual attraction and for creating critically balanced presentations in conjunction with bottom baits and wafters. Added visual attraction these lovely colour 8mm flouro pop ups have attracted rave reviews from many carpers. Brilliant for Snowman and Zig Rigs and devastating when popped up over a Method Feeder. Tip Offs will help you find the right presentation to fool the bigger fish on any water. Flavours available: Supersweet Coconut, Supersweet Bubblegum and White Krill.

Pop Up Boilies

These are boilies that have been mixed with a flotation agent (usually cork) in order to make them float a few inches off the lake bed. Unlike traditional boilies, these are used exclusively as hookbait and tend to be most popular in weedy scenarios, when you want to avoid the risk of your hookbait becoming lost. Pop-up boilies also tend to be in brighter colours, to help them stand out further.


Pellets are very popular in both carp and coarse fishing bait – particularly if you’re targeting commercial venues with plenty of bream and carp. They tend to be smaller than boilies and can be as little as 1mm in diameter. They also tend to be softer than boilies and as a general rule of thumb have a much quicker breakdown, too. Pellets can be favoured for their incredible versatility. They can be catapulted into the water, softened and pressed into a feeder, banded to your hook… each tactic you use will give you a completely different result depending on the venue and type of fish you’re targeting.

There are a huge variety of pellets on the market, including expanding pellets that grow when soaked in water, floating pellets, sinking pellets, and pre-drilled pellets. There are also loads of bait making tools on the market that can modify your pellets, including pellet pumps which can transform floating pellets into sinkers. Like boilies, these pellets come in a huge range of flavours in order to appeal to different fish in different conditions. They also come in a range of colours and most pellets respond well when taking on dyes in order to modify their appearance.

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