Natural Treats

At Fur2feather headquarters, we always provide our canine gang with natural treats. All dog breeds enjoy the many benefits that natural treats provide.
Here are some of the many healthy benefits:

More and more dog owners are becoming conscious of the nutritional needs of their dogs and are giving them treats made from natural ingredients. These treats have no additives, gluten free and have no fillers or chemicals added to them. The Cotswold treats that Fur2feather provide are totally natural air dried, the treats only make use of the best quality of foodstuffs and are prepared in ways that make them more palatable and maintain all the natural goodness.

Below are some of the benefits of the natural dog treats:

Help provide stronger immunity

Provide healthy protein

Natural oils assist with skin conditions and provide a shinier, less itchy and over shedding of hair

Good minerals and oils are healthy for the stomach

Natural treats with the hair remaining IE rabbit ears with fur, cows ears etc, act as natural worming

Improved dental health as no added sugars or chemicals which can damage the teeth enamel

Low in calories therefore assists weight management

Perfect for dogs with allergies as all natural

So with all these benefits it becomes a no brainer when choosing your doggies or indeed cats, they love the natural treats, these are all rich in natural nutrients and free from the nasties like artificial preservatives

Go on give them a try, you know it makes sense!

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