Give Your Chickens A Boost!

Do chickens need a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement?
The backyard chicken coop today has many advantages compared to the past. The modern chicken keeper has access to a wealth of scientific information, not to mention the added benefits of cutting edge feed and supplements.

Thanks to research, we know how much energy, protein and fibre our chickens should consume each day. And we know exactly how much of each vitamin and mineral is needed for healthy and productive hens.

There is lots of goodies on the market with different benefits

This is an excellent source of extra minerals for your chickens. Besides supplementing the diet with daily fresh greens & weeds, extra minerals are important when chickens are limited for space and less able to forage for worms and insects.

Garlic is used for poultry diseases and is one of the greatest discoveries of organic poultry farming. Farmers are now including garlic in their poultry feed and water to prevent and combat serious bacterial diseases. In the life of a chicken, there are various disease pathogens to come across. Bacteria is one, this benefits the small chicken keeper just as much and should be given some consideration

Apple Cider Vinegar
When ingested, apple cider vinegar is known to have an alkalising effect on the pH levels of poultry. This helps reduce the risk of infection and mortality in poultry.
This can also help combat stress levels, we use this for our own fur2feather poultry collection

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies compromise a bird’s health long before they present any noticeable symptoms. Often, deficiencies contribute to the emergence of other health problems, particularly, intestinal parasites like worms and coccidiosis

Whether you keep your poultry in a chicken coop or have free-range hens, it is likely they will benefit from adding a vitamin and mineral supplement to their diet.

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