Look Out For Fly Strike In Your Bunnies

Flystrike is a serious condition in rabbits, it occurs mostly in the summer months. Not only is flystrike or “myiasis” extremely distressing, but it is also potentially fatal. All rabbit owners should be aware of flystrike.
Flystrike is caused by flies that are attracted to damp fur, urine, faeces and the odour of rabbit scent. The flies will land normally around the rabbits rear end and lay their eggs. Within a short time of two hours, the eggs will hatch into maggots. The maggots will then start to feed on the rabbit. This process happens very quickly and is not always caught in time.

Typical signs of fly strike:
– Digging into a corner – they will be doing this to dig away from the pain
– Being very quiet and lethargic
– Not eating or drinking
– Not wanting to move
– You may also notice a strong smell coming from the hutch

We encourage all our customers to check on their pets twice a day especially in the hot weather, paying particular attention to their bottom area. Have a good range of grooming accessories and regularly groom your rabbit, this also helps you to form a bond with you furry friend.
Don’t forget to feed your rabbit with a balanced diet, this should consist of 70% hay and a high fibre nugget. Too much fresh veg or fruit is likely to give them diarrhoea, this will also increase the risk of flystrike.

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