How Green Is Your Lawn If You Have Pets?

Fur2feather say lets get Rocking and save your lawn with the proven Dog Rocks product
The original, 100% natural solution to prevent dog urine burn marks on your lawn. Pet parent and vet endorsed worldwide

One pack of Dog Rocks in your dog’s water bowl will keep your lawn in tip-top condition for up to 2 months.
Many products claiming to cure your lawn of burn marks will lower the pH of your dog’s urine, which can cause urinary tract infections when used long term. Dog Rocks work by removing the nitrates from your dog’s drinking water and are proven to have no change to the pH balance of your pet’s urine.

Dog Rocks placed in your dog’s water bowl are the only 100% natural and hassle free solution to urine burn marks on your lawn and shrubs.

Safe for all household pets, Dog Rocks do not change the pH balance of drinking water or urine; you are not medicating your dog in any way and there are no known side effects.

First discovered in Australia in the late ’90s, Dog Rocks® were tried and tested for many years and are now used by over a million dog owners worldwide to help stop pet urine from burning their grass. We at Fur2feather, use this product on our own dogs and agree this is an amazing product. As we feed our dogs on a mixed Raw and Dry food diet, we tend to use more dog rocks than stated due to the amount of protein from the Raw food.

In times of hot weather you may need to up your pet’s dosage of Dog Rocks purely because your dog will be drinking more water.
You could put one pack of Dog Rocks in your pet’s water bowl and one pack a jug/pitcher of water and decant from pitcher to water bowl. If your dog bowl is an open bowl and allows the dog access to the bottom of the bowl, you may find it better to keep a large jug or two continually topped up containing the rocks, this will prevent your dog being mischievous and run away with the rocks!
Remember you need one pack (200g) of Dog Rocks in every water bowl your dog drinks from, the supply of dog rock water must be continuous.

Every dog, household and situation is different but once you have found out what “dosage” suits you and your situation, there is no reason to have new burn patches appearing on your grass.
Dog Rocks® isn’t a miracle cure! It won’t bring dead lawns back to life right away, you may need to re-sew and water, but in 9 out of 10 cases it will stop new patches from forming with continual use.

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