Tiger Nuts- Good For Our Health & Good For Carp Fishing

Apart from being used as a Carp Fishing bait, not many people know about the health benefits of Tiger Nuts, but you could instantly fall in love with them. Let Fur2feather help uncover this superfood for you!

Tiger nuts were one of the first plants cultivated in Egypt, used for both food and medicine. Tiger Nuts are also popularly known by several names; including Ofio, Earth Almonds, Zulu Nuts, Yellow Nutsedge, Water Grass, Nut Grass or Cyperus Esculentus.
The Tiger nuts are highly beneficial for your body, you can get a number of beneficial nutrients and vitamins from them. These Tiger nuts help with weight loss, are good for diabetic patients, they are low in calorie count, boost energy and rich in fibre.

The fibre-rich food, reports suggest it helps in keeping your body in shape, it helps the digestive system, helps alleviates constipation, helps lower the cholesterol and helps control the blood sugar level.

Tiger nuts are rich in antioxidants which are beneficial compounds that protect us from certain diseases.

These can be added to your diet in a variety of ways, you can eat them raw or roasted, they tend to be rather hard if eaten raw so suggest soaking them over night and boiling them first. They can be crumbled over the top of salads, smoothies, yoghurts, any breakfast cereal.

If this doesn’t appeal to you then perhaps just as good old fashioned Carp Fishing bait

whatever takes your fancy, the humble Tiger Nut is worthy of a try!

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