Mans Best Friend

Our Dogs mean every thing to us, our companions for life, loyal, trustworthy, fun, everything you want from a best friend. In return, all they want is your love and that you look after them with the care they deserve.
There are many ways to ensure your dog has the best life, most importantly is to keep them healthy. Each dog has different food requirements, some are lucky enough to have a digestive system that can tolerate almost anything, others not so lucky. More and more of our pets are having to rely on Grain free, Gluten free, Soya free, hypoallergenic foods, Fur2feather are working with experienced manufacturers to come up with a superfood that has these properties, we will reveal our exciting new superfood in the near future.

Just as important as food, is the exercise and mental stimulation your companion will need, so here are some basic tips that will ensure your best friend gets what it needs:

1- Plenty of walks, but have a few games along the way, like us, its important they have fun
2- Vary your walks, it will be good for both you and your dog. Take different routes, walk fast, walk slow the exercise is good for both of you,
3- Keep your dog on a lead in built up areas, this avoids tricky moments, even if your dog is harmless, if your dog was to run off with another, situations and other peoples perceptions can quickly change. Walking your dog is fun, so no need to create a potential for a stressful situation.
4- Although we may think its fun to throw sticks for our dogs, sometimes this can cause an issue with splinters breaking into their mouth. So think twice, use the dogs own toy, he is use to it and it is safer.
5- If you use a ball to play fetch, then please make sure the ball is not to small as the dogs tend to try and swallow them, and you don’t want that!
6- Use basic training during your walks, as this is part of a fun routine the dogs are more receptive, of course always treat your dogs, praise where praise is needed
7- A walk always means doggy do doos, so take some Dog poo bags with you, please pick up after your doggy has done their business and dispose of in the appropriate bins.

These are just some of many things to be considered when out with your best friend, most important they will love you unconditionally

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