De-Stress Go Fishing

Time & time again, we all say it, we are feeling stressed out! Well now is the time to do something about it, with lockdown easing, getting out has never been so important. What better, than to get out in the open, breath the fresh air, take in what nature has to offer and yes you know it… Go Fishing!

There’s no point in getting more anxious about finding ways to get less anxious, so sitting down by the river, canal, lake, stream or the sea will do wonders for your mental health.

Fishing ticks a lot of de-stressing boxes because it is a relatively quiet & peaceful activity, normally that takes place where nature takes part all around you.

Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, its what you want it to be. Some anglers prefer to pleasure fish, on their own or with their family, others enjoy the thrill of competition. Big fish, small fish, it doesn’t really matter, the fact that you are out in the air, doing something you enjoy, is all that matters.

Some fishing can be done from a dock or the shore, and if a boat is required a basic rowboat, paddleboat, or stable canoe or dinghy will do. You can fish alone or join anglers’ or fly fishing clubs for companionship and skill development.

All these options to choose from, and all in the great outdoors, It allows us to explore our natural world and stay active well into old age. Fishing is a calming, enjoyable activity that has the power to transform your outlook on life.

So next time you are feeling a little down, be positive, do what makes you happy and in return your mental health will improve!

The Humble Ferret
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