Keeping Chickens Is Fun & Great For Your Child’s development

Keeping Chickens is not only great fun, it is also good for your mental health as we touched on in an earlier blog. Remember, keeping chickens is not just good for us adults it will teach your children where food comes from. They will soon learn how important a free range and stress free life is to chickens, which in turn will teach them to respect and care for animals.

The reward of a delicious egg every morning might also encourage your children to adventure into the kitchen and begin cooking with their parents, this in its self is great interaction and builds social skills. I also believe that the undemanding nature of a chicken helps instil confidence in young children, important when character building.
Keeping Chickens also helps take the children away from the computer or their phones and experience the great outdoors, something us older generation appreciates.

If you ever decide to breed your chickens, your children will be gifted with the chance to have fun learning an array of mathematical skills away from the crowded classroom, Working out hatching dates and incubator temperature, this can be a challenging yet hugely rewarding process.

Building the fun factor into their education in this way encourages them to want more, it makes the learning process less of a chore when the end result is so amazing to see.

We believe that keeping a small flock of chickens in the backyard is much more than a passing fad or trend and is slowly working itself into the fabric of life for families all over the country and from all walks of life. More people are happily learning that chicken keeping is an activity that the whole family can get involved in, the benefits are huge!

Small children can help collect eggs, scatter treats for the chickens, and learn how to refill feeders. Older kids can be responsible for making sure waterers are full, cleaning the coop, and helping to round up the flock at the end of the day.

The modern day children are far removed from the days of clearing snow off the neighbours drive or cleaning their cars for pocket money, its now computers and social media meaning they run the risk of becoming a prisoner in their own bedroom.

Help is here! To the rescue comes our humble back yard Chicken, hooray for our feathered friends.

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